Top 10 Benefits Seniors are Entitled in 2022, But Often Forget to Claim

Today’s people are more active than ever and businesses have taken notice. 78% of Americans have never claimed these amazing benefits and special programs available to them. Most are missing out simply because they don’t know these programs exist.  Take advantage of these exclusive benefits, discounts, and savings -- some of these benefits are disappearing soon so get moving!

Keep in mind though that these senior discounts might not always be available to claim so make it the most out of these benefits.

1. Never Pay For Electricity Again - This Fed Program Pays Homeowners to Get Solar & Enjoy $0 Electric Bills!

Your power company will likely never tell you about this. This little-known government program is paying thousands of dollars to homeowners who live in these qualifying areas, simply to switch to solar.

It's called the Federal Solar Tax Credit and it covers all costs to go solar, so you never have to pay another energy bill again. 

The benefits don't stop there, once you've made the switch, homeowners reduce their energy bills to $0! This helps you save even more in the long run.

It's very easy (and free) to check if you are eligible before the program expires. Check now and eliminate your electric bills forever. Check Eligibility Here!

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2. Last Day To Apply: Seniors With $20,000 or More in Card Debt Might Qualify For This Relief

With the skyrocketing cost of living in the United States, more and more adults are struggling with financial debt than ever before. And with interest rates snowballing the amount owed, paying your card balances can seem like a trap that can never be escaped. Here's what the banks don't want you to know...

For anyone over the age of 40 that owes $20,000 or more in card debt, this debt relief program could greatly reduce the amount of money owed. The program could resolve debt without a loan – allowing many to become close to debt-free today

Check out the unbelievable debt relief program. The form is a bit long to make sure you need our help, but once you fill it, we guarantee to get rid of your debt. 

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3. This Service Helps US Homeowners Get New Windows For a Shocking Price

Window repair or replacement is probably more affordable than you think. Choose your state to see what deals you're eligible for.

Repairing or replacing windows can be a hassle. It requires a local professional, which potentially costs a lot of money. But now eligible US homeowners can get high quality windows at the lowest price.

Sadly, there’s a lot of contractors out there who charge large fees to unsuspecting homeowners for a less than satisfactory job. With this service you can compare top licensed and insured fitters in your area to get the best service at the best price.

Plus, you may be eligible for additional discounts, local promotions, tax credits and financing options in your state - so you can get new energy efficient windows at the lowest price.

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4. Homeowners In Eligible Zip Codes Get $1,632/yr Back On Their Home Insurance

A new Special Program is helping thousands of savvy homeowners get up to $1,632/year back on their home insurance. Has your insurance provider told you about this?

Let's face it... everyone needs homeowners insurance. But how often have you actually used your insurance? Probably not nearly enough to make up for the cost year after year.

Homeowners insurance is actually pretty inexpensive, but most people are paying far too much. In fact, most homeowners can now get an average $1,632 taken off their annual bill for the same or even better coverage by using this popular website.

$1,632/year That’s a lot of money, and it costs you nothing to check and see if you can save. In fact, it takes just 60 seconds to get you the lowest rate, allowing you to get a big discount on great coverage. . Check it out today!

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5. Enjoy Eating Out With Senior Discounts

If you don’t feel like cooking be sure to turn to these places for good senior dining deals. From fast food to steak restaurants, our compiled restaurant list will definitely help you make your choice.    

Keep in mind that deals may vary at participating locations and can change without notice.  

■ McDonald’s:  discounts on coffee and beverages (55+) 
■ Whataburger:  free drink with purchase of a meal, depending on location (55+) 
■ Wendy’s:  give free coffee or other discounts depending on location 
■ Piccadilly Cafeteria: 10% discount with “Prime Time for Seniors” card 
■ IHOP: 10% discount (55+) and a menu for people aged 55 and over at participating locations 

■ Dairy Queen: Receive a 10% discount or a small drink if you’re 55 or older
■ Golden Corral:  Senior discount varies by location 
■ Krispy Kreme Senior Discount:  10% off (50+) (age and discount varies depending on location) 
■ Perkins Restaurants:  Fifty-Five Plus menu Offers special deals (55+) 
■ Subway:  10% off (60+) varies by location 
■ The Old Spaghetti Factory:  Spaghetti Factory “Senior Menu” offers discounted list of menu items 
■ Uno Pizzaria & Grill:  “Double Nickel Club” 25% off on Wednesday (55+) 
■ Sizzler:  Offers “Honored Guest Menu” (60+) varies by location 
■ Papa John’s Senior Discount:  check with your local stores (no standard senior discount policy) 
■ Old Country Buffet:  Daily discounts for seniors (55+) 
■ Friendly’s Restaurants:  10% off meal w/ free coffee at breakfast or free small sunday during non-breakfast hours 
■ Fazoli’s:  Join “Club 62” for special senior menu items (62+) 
■ KFC:  free small drink with any meal depending on location (55+) 
■ Country Kitchen:  Great Senior Menu (55+) 
■ Burger King:  10% discount on purchase depending on location (60+)

6. Top Surgeon : Let This 'Soft Minerals' Rebuilds Teeth & Gums Overnight

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See how just one small tweak to your bedtime routine can actually start reversing tooth and gum problems within the first few days...

scientists believe this new discovery works so well by powerfully targeting the one true 'root cause' of tooth decay, plaque build-up, gum disease, and bad breath, unlike expensive medication or dental treatments.

Over 150,000 people used this trick

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7. Seniors with Good Driving Record Get Back $610/yr with This New Program

Did you know that depending on your age and other factors, car owners could get a generous discount on their car insurance?

In fact, if you're paying over $19/month for car insurance, there's a good chance you're paying more than you need to. It's quite common for this to occur, as most simply keep their same old policy in place, and those rates can creep up over time without really noticing.

Most people are also not taking advantage of the multiple discounts available to them (probably because they don't even know they exist). Luckily, finding these discounts and seeing how low your rate could be is super easy. Just use this brilliant website to check for discounts your area qualifies for.

» Click here to see if you qualify to save $610+ annually on car insurance

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8. Homeowners, Get $3,708/Year Thanks To This Mortgage Relief Program

Hailed as 'the largest benefit program for homeowners' in 2023, this one thing could put thousands of dollars in your pocket every year.

Anyone with a mortgage can use this Mortgage Relief Program to get $3,708/Year deducted from their mortgage payments starting as soon as this month.

This relief program may not last, lenders have been lobbying to end it, as thousands of clever homeowners have already taken advantage. The good news is, as long as you claim before it expires, you're locked in and keep your $3,708 benefit every year.

Homeowners with good credit could even be entitled to more, check how much you can get back with this free online survey.

The best part is it takes just 60 seconds to check and is completely free with this online survey. 

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9. Neuropathy (Nerve Pain)? Do This Immediately [Watch]

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Scientist confirms simple daily ritual results in rapid neuropathy relief.

20,921 Americans have already used this simple daily ritual to achieve blessed relief from nerve pain

And in this short video, viewers will be shocked to learn why Big Pharma has kept it buried for the last 27 years.

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10. Special Program Gives $250,000 in Life Insurance for Just $15/month!

If you have any family, life insurance is a must. Most people don't have savings large enough for their family to pay off their mortgage, cover living expenses, and pay for final expenses — never mind ensuring your loved ones don't inherit your debts.

Thanks to a new special program, there is now a way to get a rock-solid, yet very inexpensive life insurance policy from top providers. Simply by using this new life insurance comparison website it's easy for anyone to see how cheap plans can be, regardless of age or medical history. The best part is it's totally free.

The website will run your options through their technology to automatically find the best life insurance policies available at the lowest possible price. Even if you already have a policy, it can find comparable plans at a much much lower price. You could easily end up saving up to 70% on life insurance!

No medical check and guaranteed acceptance policies are also available for adults of every age, even if you have been denied in the past.

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11. 1 Blood Sugar 'Trick' Keeps Blood Sugar Normal - Try Tonight

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Watch how I slashed 80 points from my fasting Blood Sugar — literally overnight – thanks to this simple blend of nutrients that target and eradicate the root cause of diabetes type 2.

This 100% natural treatment, which naturally fights diabetes, has stunned doctors & got the attention of over 37,839 people to transform their lives.

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